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Germany: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Christine Lambrecht to resign after months of criticism for numerous mistakes

THE defense Minister her Germany Christine Lambrecht (SPD) is to resign next week, according to a report on the Sueddeutsche Zeitung website, citing information from associates of the minister. Previously, BILD also reported on the matter.

Mrs. Lambrecht has received intense criticism in recent months both from the opposition and the media as well as from officials close to the governing coalition for a series of mistakeswith Chancellor Olaf Solz always covering for her, expressing his confidence in her.

The most recent incident involved her New Year’s message on Instagramwhich was filmed with her talking about the war in Ukraine, while the crackers and fireworks from Berlin’s New Year’s celebration could be heard behind her.

However, the substance of her statements also became the subject of comments. “There is a war going on in the heart of Europe. And in connection with this, I gained a lot of experience, a lot of meetings with interesting and wonderful people. And for that I say a sincere thank you,” she had declared, her voice barely distinguishable over the noise of the fireworks. Her critics spoke of a “shameful image”.

Previously, Christine Lambrecht, who began her government career as Olaf Scholz’s deputy finance minister in Angela Merkel’s last government, before taking over the justice ministry, had caused comments on the one hand for her handling of the Ministry of Defensewhere serious problems and shortages in defense equipment are recorded and on the other when it was revealed that on many trips she was accompanied by her 22-year-old son, who traveled on the armed forces’ planes and helicopters and even posted photos from them on social media.

In addition, A few hours after the start of the war in Ukraine, Ms. Lambrecht was seen in a beauty salon getting her nails donewhich was commented on as insensitivity to the seriousness of the situation.

According to SZMrs. Lambrecht could not bear the weight of the Ministry of Defense from the beginning of her term, while he had confided that he did not want the particular post and had confessed that he did not know the ranks of the armed forces. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, asked about the military aid that Germany would offer, he had said that he would send 5,000 helmets to Kyiv. The problems continued, with the apocalypse among others ammunition shortages, technical issues in PUMA tanks which the Bundeswehr would have in NATO and difficulties in preparing the F-35 order from the US. All this led to repeated strong demands for her resignation from the opposition.

In a recent Civey poll for the website t-online, 77% of Germans deemed her unfit for the job.

SZ reported on Friday (13/1) that as potential successors of Mrs. Lambrecht are considered to be the Deputy Minister of Defense Siemtje Meller and the Bundestag representative for the armed forces Eva Hegl.

Source: News Beast

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