Germany: Negotiations to form a government begin on Thursday

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The Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Greens and the Liberals (FDP) will start negotiations on formation of government “traffic light” coalition – as it is called by the media – the day after Thursday afternoon.

As reported by the German News Agency (dpa) and previously broadcast by the Funke Journalist Group, a total of 22 working groups.

These groups will have to negotiate Details the agreement of a possible governing coalition on various issues and policy areas. However, according to a publication by the German Network of Authors (RND), which cites the RES EIA, the composition of these working groups has not yet been finalized.

Negotiations to form a “traffic light” coalition government are set to begin “at the end of the week,” the co-chair of the Greens announced earlier Tuesday on a show on the second public broadcaster, ZDF. Analena Berbock.

It is pointed out that after the SPD and the Greens, the FDP also voted yesterday Monday in favor of starting intensive talks for the formation of the first – at federal level – “traffic light” government in Germany.

Until recently, the SPD, the Greens and the FDP conducted exploratory conversations in order to identify their commonalities and differences but without committing themselves to starting talks to form a three-party government.

In the forthcoming coalition negotiations, the partners now have as a fixed goal the formation of a coalition government, dpa reported.

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