Germany passes legislation on protection against communicable diseases – “The situation is serious,” says Merkel


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The German government spoke about the change of the legislation on protection against communicable diseases that was decided on Tuesday (13/4) by the German government Angela Merkel describing it as “important and necessary” while stressing that the decision was already taken with a “long delay”.

Justifying the key change, which predicts that the “emergency brake” is automatically activated when the coronavirus outbreaks exceed 100 per 100,000 inhabitants within a week, the German Chancellor said in a dramatic tone: “The situation is very serious” and added as reported by the Athens News Agency that it would be too late, “if we waited for all the beds in the Intensive Care Units to be filled”.

“The appeals of doctors and nurses can not be ignored”, the chancellor continued, during a press conference and explained that the local measures were clearly no longer sufficient. “We need to put the federation and the states together on a new footing,” he said, looking back at weeks of endless consultations with previous state prime ministers.

The bill will now be put to the attention of the parliamentary groups of the parties, while the procedures for its approval by the Federal Parliament and the Federal Council will be sought as soon as possible. The K.O. The Social Democratic Party (SPD) has stated, however, that further proceedings are needed, which may delay the proceedings.

During the same press conference, Angela Merkel was also asked about the choice of a candidate for Chancellor of the Christian Union (CDU / CSU), between CDU leader Armin Lasset and CSU leader Markus Zender, to answer that he did not intend to .

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