Germany: Scientists call for constitutional protection of nature

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More than 150 scientists are calling for constitutional protection, in addition to climate protection, to protect nature. Her government is lagging behind Germany in taking measures for nature protection. Biodiversity should be the measure of green investment, they argue.

“The protection of nature must become the common vision for every political action. “Politicians are far behind in taking action despite growing pressure for action.”, emphasize in their appeal, as the magazine “Spiegel” writes.

“The federal government has not fulfilled its existing obligations, it has not achieved the goals it has set”, scientists emphasize in this appeal. Some of them are government advisers, including those of the Council of Environmental Experts and the Scientific Council of the federal government.

According to scientists, “All public investment and its regulatory rules should be considered in the light of their impact on biodiversity. A “Biodiversity Conservation Law” should regulate existing internal conflicts between climate and nature protection on issues such as wind energy expansion, open field photovoltaics, dam construction or the cultivation of energy plants. , they also emphasize in their appeal.

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