Germany supports the Commission in pushback investigations

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The Foreign Ministry responds to a question from DW about the statements of Ann.

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“The Commission has already called for an inquiry. Germany agrees with the Commission that it is important for independent bodies to provide sustainable and transparent information on this matter.” This was stated by answering a question from the Greek program of Deutsche Welle, the representative of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Christopher Burger, regarding the new allegations of pushback and utilitarian exploitation of refugees by the Greek authorities in Evros and yesterday’s statements via twitter by the German Foreign Minister. Foreign Minister Analena Berbock on Evros – as well as on the Spanish pocket Melilla – which she re-read at the government briefing.

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“You know that in the context of the consultation on the reform of the common European asylum system, we are also working to set up an independent monitoring mechanism. But these talks are still ongoing. In our view, it is important that they have access to monitoring the situation. at the EU’s external borders and non-state actors, such as NGOs, “said a spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry.

“For all this we are in bilateral contacts with Greece. We have a regular bilateral dialogue on immigration, last in May,” Burger said. In fact, as he stressed, on the same issues, the dialogue with Greece is carried out in various other “fora” with countries involved from the region.

Strict statements against Greece for pushback

The reaction of Foreign Minister Analena Berbok yesterday via twitter and resounding hashtags Evros and Melilla was intense. Among other things, he mentioned: “Our common values, humanity and human rights apply to our borders as well. The facts and the allegations should be fully investigated. They should not be repeated.”

However, the reaction of the vice-president of the German parliament from the Greens, Catherine Goering Eckard, is moving in a harsh tone, who through an interview in the middle of the Funke group asks for sanctions against Athens. And as he characteristically said: “The use of refugees in need as helpers for illegal deportations is deeply inhumane and violates any notion of the rule of law.”

Will a delegation of the Greek Ministry of Defense come to Germany?

The issue of the cyclical exchange of weapons systems between Greece and Germany was also raised in the government briefing. The German Defense Ministry did not want to confirm or deny media reports about the visit of a Greek Defense Ministry delegation to Germany, in order to see up close German tanks that could be received by Greece in exchange for military support. in Ukraine.

“We are in very close contact, but the talks have not taken place yet. Of course we can not say here if the Greeks plan to come to Germany. For such a meeting I can only say something when it is certain,” a spokesman said. Defense in question also of the Greek program of DW.

Dimitra Kyranoudi, Berlin

Source: Deutsche Welle

Source: Capital

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