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Germany: The hostage situation at the Aachen hospital has ended – the 15 hostages are in good health

The hostage situation that has been going on since yesterday afternoon in Germany, specifically in the Aachen hospital, has ended.

In particular, the incident occurred on Monday afternoon (4/3) when a 65-year-old woman broke into the hospital and a little later workers noticed smoke and found that the woman had lit flares in the operating room, causing alarm to the German authorities.

Around 23.00 at night, special forces managed to locate and arrest the 65-year-old woman who had barricaded herself in the hospital and was reportedly holding 15 people hostage.

According to the police, a special robot entered the hospital and searched for hostages or explosives, but failed to find anything. According to the authorities they assume that the woman visited the hospital with suicidal intentions. He was seriously injured during the attack and is currently being treated at another hospital.

It is currently unclear why the 65-year-old was hospitalized.

Aachen police said in a statement: “According to current information, a woman (65) was admitted to the hospital in the afternoon. A short time later, employees noticed smoke coming from near the woman. The 65-year-old is now locked in a room. The surrounding rooms have been evacuated. Special forces are on the scene.”

Source: News Beast

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