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Germany: The left wing of the SPD calls for a vote of party members to approve the budget

A member vote on the budget is being sought from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) presidium by the left wing, further complicating the already complicated negotiations within the governing coalition. According to the magazine Der Spiegel, the left wing of the SPD, “ForumDL21”, has submitted a document to the party’s presidency under the title “Don’t cut our democracy, invest in our future”, in which it asks not to reduce spending in relation to with the current year in the areas of health, welfare, youth, family, education and development cooperation and recommends more public investment in affordable housing, sustainable infrastructure, strong municipalities and ambitious climate protection. The authors of the document conclude by stressing that “the party calls on SPD caucus members to approve a budget only under these conditions.” The proposal is also supported by the SPD’s youth organization, to prevent what it says is an austerity budget. The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stefan Weil (SPD) critically welcomed the proposal and emphasized that “such a […]
Source: News Beast

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