Germany: Two out of three companies report a lack of qualified staff

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Two out of three German companies report a shortage of qualified staff, according to a survey by the Bertelsmann Foundation. Most of the vacancies are for young trainees, while the demand for graduates is now limited.

According to the Foundation, in 2020 54% of companies surveyed said they could not find qualified employees, but the situation has worsened significantly this year. The situation varies from sector to sector, but it is a general finding that there is a shortage of trainees. 48% of companies are looking for such employees, while only 27% are graduates. However, there is still a special demand for trained nurses and health professionals in general.

According to 67% of companies surveyed, the situation is expected to continue to worsen, while only 16% of companies believe that shortages can be covered by immigrants. The main reason is that employers usually consider that the corresponding training abroad does not meet the German requirements.

The Bertelsmann Foundation’s immigration expert, Matthias Meyer, also said that Germany needed to make the most of the potential of immigration legislation, while proposing a system that would guarantee valid and equivalent training certificates between Germany and other countries. .



Source From: Capital

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