Home World Germany: Urgent recommendation for 21-day quarantine for monkey pox

Germany: Urgent recommendation for 21-day quarantine for monkey pox

Germany: Urgent recommendation for 21-day quarantine for monkey pox

An “urgent recommendation” for those infected with smallpox to stay in quarantine for 21 days was recently addressed by Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, but clarified that there is no risk of a new pandemic.

Speaking at a press conference at the German Doctors’ Day in Bremen, Lauterbach stressed that in order to limit the spread of smallpox, monkeys must be isolated for at least 21 days. In addition, he stressed, in order for the quarantine period to end, the symptoms of the disease must have completely subsided. “There is no risk of a pandemic, but in the first phase of an epidemic, the response must be tough and timely,” he said, adding that the recommendation was made jointly with the Robert Koch Institute. The press conference was also attended by the head of the Lothar Wheeler Institute and the President of the German Medical Association Klaus Reinhart.

Outbreaks of avian influenza have already been identified in Berlin, Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-Württemberg, and authorities are in the process of tracking contacts. Mr Wheeler said the Robert Koch Institute was confident of an increase in the number of cases and assured that every effort was being made to reduce the number of cases. “This can happen through successful tracking of contacts, avoiding close contact with infected people and taking strict hygiene measures. The risk groups” of people with weakened immune systems should be especially careful, “said the head of the Institute, clarifying that regardless of sexual orientation, gender and age, although most of the known cases so far come from mass events which were “sexually related”.

Karl Lauterbach, who is also a professor of epidemiology, also explained that aphids were already known in the past, but should be investigated because the current epidemic is different from the previous ones. “Either the pathogen has changed or the susceptibility of people to the pathogen has changed,” he said, adding that homosexual men are at particular risk, but that people of all genders and ages can be infected.

Regarding the vaccine, the Minister of Health noted that 40,000 doses of vaccine will be ordered that has been approved in the USA and which “can prevent or delay an outbreak”, but it is not yet known if it can be given to everyone and especially in children.

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