Germany wants faster negotiations with the countries of the Western Balkans for EU membership

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The head of German diplomacy, Annalena Burbock, said yesterday that Berlin wants talks to be accelerated in order to bring the Western Balkan states closer to the European Union.

No more time should be wasted in the integration and harmonization effort, the Greens politician emphasized after her meeting with the Slovenian Foreign Minister, Tania Fajon.

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“Not the slightest leeway should be left in the Balkans that Russia or other actors can take advantage of,” explained the German foreign minister. China is also seeking to increase its influence in the region.

“The Western Balkans are geographically at the center of the EU. We must finally bring the peoples of the Western Balkans into our political center as well,” said Ms Burbok.

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The EU should have kept its promise to start accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania, the head of German diplomacy stressed.

“It’s in our strategic interest and it’s also a matter of credibility,” Ms Burbok insisted.

Accession negotiations are ongoing with Montenegro and Serbia. In March 2020, the European Council decided to start accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo are potential candidate countries for admission.

Source: Capital

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