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Germany welcomes Turkey’s ratification of Finland’s accession to NATO

Germany welcomes Turkey’s ratification of Finland’s accession to NATO

Validation by Turkey and her Hungary Finland’s accession to NATO welcomes her government Germany pointing out, however, that Sweden must follow, “within a reasonable period of time”.

“We certainly welcome with great joy the ratification, earlier this week by Hungary and yesterday by the Turkish national assembly, so that Finland can now join NATO. The right thing, however, is for Sweden, within a reasonable period of time, to be able to take the same step. These are partners who will strengthen NATO” government spokesman Stephen Hembestright said on Friday (31/3).

“Berlin will intensively make every possible effort in order to make the integration of Sweden possible soon,” he added, as reported by the Athens News Agency.

Responding to a question about whether Germany would be willing to take on a mediator role in this matter, Mr. Hebstreit limited himself to stating that “several NATO member states are willing to take part in talks in order to find a good solution.” .

The spokesman noted that it is a “free decision” that each country makes for itselfs, however, he also referred to the decision of the Summit of the Alliance in Madrid, where there was a consensus for the inclusion of Finland and Sweden and expressed the belief that “it is a matter of time” for the procedures to be completed.

Source: News Beast