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Germany will invest 100 million euros in environmental projects in Brazil, says Marina Silva

Environment Minister Marina Silva stated that Germany will invest 100 million euros in nine environmental initiatives over the next two years. The announcement was made during the Brazilian delegation’s trip to Berlin.

The minister stated that “the agreements were the result of intense work by both teams”, during a conversation with journalists this Tuesday (05). And she clarified that the resources should not be confused with the 35 million euros already promised to the Amazon Fund by the Germans in January, of which 20 million euros have already been internalized.

Marina highlighted that from the list of nine projects, one of the most relevant will be aimed at combating deforestation, through the Action Plans for the Prevention and Control of Deforestation (PPCD). “It’s another 30 million euros. This time the projects include all Brazilian biomes, the Cerrado, the Caatinga, the Pampa, the Pantanal and biodiversity projects, in addition to the Amazon.

In addition to the PPCD, which will receive the largest contribution, of 30 million euros, the other two projects that will receive most of the resources are: Progreen, which is dedicated to the restoration of the Amazon and the Cerrado, with 25 million euros; and Arpa Comunidades, focused on supporting communities living in the Amazon, with 22 million euros.

Marina was asked by journalists whether the budget problems faced by Germany could compromise the sending of resources. “I don’t know the internal dynamics of the German government’s budgetary issues, but in order to be able to sign resources in the order of 100 million euros, this must be properly budgeted. There is no longer any possibility of interrupting these resources following the signing we made yesterday,” she said.

The German government tried to reallocate 60 billion euros from a Covid fund to environmental projects, but was blocked by the Supreme Court after questioning from opposition parties. During the Brazilian delegation’s trip to Berlin, there was skepticism about the agreed partnerships and an expectation that they would not involve any money, given the country’s economic situation.

The Ministry of the Environment’s press office reported that the 100 million euros allocated to the nine signed projects will begin to be made available promptly and, despite the different schedules, none of them have a very long time horizon.

As the initiatives are planned for the next two years, the ministry believes that the resources should be spent within this period.

See below the list released by the Ministry of the Environment on cooperation projects signed between Brazil and Germany: new contributions in 2023

– Action Plans for the Prevention and Control of Deforestation (PPCDs). Support to structure plans in the Pantanal, Atlantic Forest, Caatinga and Pampa biomes: 30 million euros

– PROGREEN, global partnership for sustainable and resilient landscapes. The objective is to support forest restoration and sustainable management activities in the Amazon and Cerrado, contributing to the fulfillment of the Brazilian NDC: 25 million euros.

– ARPA Communities. The objective is to support communities in Conservation Units in the Amazon: 22 million euros.

– PoMuC II, climate change policy program. The objective is to support mitigation and adaptation actions, with an emphasis on protecting biodiversity: 10 million euros.

– Partnerships for innovation. The objective is to support action plans to prevent and control deforestation in Brazilian biomes and the strategy and action plan for biodiversity in the country: 4.5 million euros.

– TerraMar II, protection and integrated management of marine and coastal biodiversity. The objective is to support integrated coastal management and the conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity in Brazil: 4 million euros.

– Action4Forests. The objective is to support forest protection in Brazil: 4 million euros.

– ProAdapta. The objective is to support the implementation of the national climate change adaptation agenda: 2 million euros.

– Structuring a federal protocol for environmental monitoring of mercury in the Amazon: 300 thousand euros.

Source: CNN Brasil

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