Germany will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by July

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The full withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan from July 4 is being considered by Germany, as stated today by a representative of the country’s Ministry of Defense, while the US military has announced that it will withdraw from the country by September 11th.

“At the moment, the consultations that are taking place are moving towards the logic of reducing the withdrawal period. The date of July 4 is being considered, “said the spokesman, assuring that the final decision will be made by NATO.

NATO member states announced last week that they intend to begin withdrawing their troops from the Afghanistan until May 1 in order to complete the operation “in a few months”, as broadcast by AMPE.

The North Atlantic Alliance’s decision came after US President Joe Biden announced that he would withdraw all US troops from the war-torn country by September 11, 2021. on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the USA which prompted the intervention in Afghanistan.

“We now have a difficult task ahead of us,” said a spokesman for Germany’s defense ministry. “But we were ready for that eventuality.”

The countries with the most troops in Afghanistan are the United States, Germany, Turkey, Britain and Italy. These five countries have deployed 6,000 of the 9,592 troops from 36 NATO member states and their allies, such as Ukraine, to participate in the Resolute Support mission.

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