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Germany’s Armed Forces Association warns: Leopard delivery will hurt our operational readiness

In the operational readiness of its armed forces Germany focuses the chairman of the Union of Armed Forces, warning that it is shrinking further with the surrender of tanks Leopard in Ukraine.

As Andre Wuestner said earlier on the second channel of the German public television ZDF: “The Leopard delivery will be good for Ukraine on the one hand, but bad for the operational readiness of the Bundeswehr on the other hand».

“One should not think that the war in Ukraine will end in two or three months, nor that the surrendered tanks will be returned,” noted Mr. Wuestner and emphasized, as reported by the Athens News Agency, that “if we want to support Ukraine , but also to be able to defend ourselves again, politicians should strengthen the industry so that the necessary equipment is available in the coming years.”

Source: News Beast

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