Gerry Scotti to No Vax: “A year ago I was in intensive care, it was enough to come and see me”

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Gerry Scotti the ordeal of Coronavirus he took it all for granted, and of the tremendous experience he went through, he spoke again during the presentation of the “Lombardia is Research” Award at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan: «A year ago, on November 8 last year, I was hospitalized in intensive care. It is not an easy thing to tell. AND I would like to tell it to all those who “deny” it. It was enough to come and see me. If ten days later I was judged healed and still “usable” for the next twenty years, I owe this to the organization of the Lombardy Region, to its health machine and to the men and women who work there ».

The conductor, visibly moved, then asked the audience to give “a big round of applause to the entire sector of hospitals, doctors and nurses”. And to the “many of them who did not make it”, asking to “always remember the sacrifice of this whole sector».

Scotti had already talked about the moments of fear experienced in November 2020 in an interview with Corriere della Sera. «I was in a small room, beyond there was the sliding door to the life of many people. With two other patients we winked, come on, you can do it. I found that this was the last door. If they decided to open that passage … I saw them all, I saw 24 people motionless, intubated, like in science fiction films. I prayed for them instead of praying for me», Had declared Scotti, who fortunately never arrived at the last act. “They made me wear the salvific helmet, is the last painless step of therapy before you get intubated […] I had seen it on TV, read his newspapers, it seemed like science fiction. I remember the slogan: the helmet saves your life. Now I understand what helmet it is».

The conductor also confided that the thought of his niece Virginia helped him in the hospital: “When I was hospitalized for Covid and I was serious, the thought of my niece Virginia he helped me. I said to myself: I have to recover because my niece is born in a month and I want to be there“. Gerry made it, and in December he was able to welcome his first granddaughter, the fruit of the love between his son Edoardo and Ginevra Piola.


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