«Gf Vip 6», Alex Belli and the three sisters: how did the first episode go

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The first quarrel, the first controversy based on nothing. The Big Brother Vip, whose sixth edition premiered on Monday evening on Canale 5, has taken up some well-known stylistic features, trying – right from the start – to create its own little “cases”. Alfonso Signorini, returned to the reins of the reality show, did his best. And he prodded them, his competitors, he provoked them. He told them about the (alleged) glare of the roommates, sowed a suspicion that, at the end of the evening, gave its first fruits.

Soleil Rises, not new to television mechanisms, decided to take the hook of Signorini and, at the time of the female nomination, she pronounced the name of Raffaella Fico. “You, Alfonso, you told me that he looked at me in a strange way,” she justified herself, provoking the anger of the Neapolitan. “I didn’t like you, I had changed my mind, but I can change it again”, replied this one, already good-naturedly reproached by Katia Ricciarelli because of a dress so skimpy that it could be mistaken for a simple t-shirt. “Darling, you make me cold,” said the blonde, the show’s promise (at least social).


“My love”. Katia Ricciarelli’s scream was all-encompassing when Aldo Montano crossed the threshold of the red door. The golden uvula of the television salons embraced the fencer, with whom in 2006 he did The farm. “We also slept together”, he told – and not without transport – to the audience of the GF VIP, laying the foundations for what the Americans would call “bromance”: not a love, but a friendship so solid that it deserves its nickname.


The public denied the same transport that Katia Ricciarelli had for Aldo Montano to Alex Belli. On Twitter, where every little movement inside the House is a source of great debate, the actor’s presence has been dismissed as insignificant. Without a reason, though. Monday night, the former face of One hundred windows he did nothing that could justify such a reaction. But a zero tolerance policy was applied to him. “A handsome man who does not dance,” said that great popular court that is Twitter, identifying Belli as the most hated competitor of this first episode.


The three sisters, Jessica, Lucrezia and Clarissa Hailié Selassié, caused a great uproar (and mad laughter). The “princesses”, with whom Tommaso Zorzi recalled his past as a friend and companion, came in lined up: three girls with suitcases and a bewildered look. “They speak in italics”, we read online, where the three o’clock drawl and that aria halfway between My big fat gypsy wedding e Mean Girls seems to have breached. The three sisters, daughters of the last emperor of Ethiopia, were elected phenomenon of this first episode. And comparisons with international icons have been wasted. “Regina George”, “Destiny’s Child”, “Little Mix”, and so on.

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