Gf Vip, Manuel Bortuzzo between his friendship with Aldo Montano and the letter to Lulù

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This latest edition of the Big Brother Vip, very long that, except for twists and turns, will go on until March, especially the controversies, the often wrong words, the quarrels will be remembered. And then there are Aldo Montano e Manuel Bortuzzo, both sportsmen and champions, who found themselves in front of the cameras. They didn’t know each other, they became friends within the walls of Cinecittà. And now that one is out (Montano) and the other can’t wait to go out (Bortuzzo), the two send messages at a distance, confirming a good bond that is destined to last.

“I have been forced to be strong and invincible all my life, but you have opened my heart to the most tender and hidden feelings that I didn’t think I could have. Thanks Manu, thanks my little big man. Always with you, we are waiting for you at home », the former fencer said via Twitter, one month after his release from the reality show.

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Presto the two friends will finally be able to meet again: The swimmer, who was paralyzed at the age of 20 after a shooting in the night between 2 and 3 February 2019, is close to the exit for health reasons. In fact, during the reality show he lost several kilos of muscle mass and, as his father said, he needs to return to training and normal life “outside”.

Before leaving the spotlight, Bortuzzo also wanted to write a letter to the girl he met and with whom he began a relationship inside the House: Lulu Selassiè.

«How beautiful you are in the morning as soon as you wake up, how much not yet […] of the thoughts that disturb me during the day? In that moment of pure unconditional love I stand by and watch you. I would stop time if I could, I would stop thoughts, life. The unmade blankets, the hugs and the half smiles describe our love that makes me forget my condition that suffocates me so much. You are air for those who struggle to breathe, you are the glimmer of light for those who seek in the dark, you are the life I cannot live, how difficult is it? Do you understand it? It seems so … If only I could tell you better, without sounding heavy. It’s difficult, believe me, but you are there, I am there. Sorry if I can’t give you everything you want. Sorry if I don’t make you live things the way you’ve always dreamed of them. It will be just a distant memory, right? All this does not belong to me, it turns me off and does not give me peace, I understand, but will it have an end? Yes, I can’t say with the certainty that you have but yes. It will be another, our beginning. I can’t wait to free my head from all thoughts to give even more love to you, more than 1400 worlds ».


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