Ghana: From Monday, unvaccinated Ghanaians arriving in the country will be vaccinated at the airport

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As of Monday, Ghanaians who have not been vaccinated against covid-19 will be vaccinated at the airport as soon as they return to the country, authorities announced today as they are concerned about the low vaccination rate.

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In addition, Ghanaians leaving the country will have to show a vaccination certificate, said Patrick Kouma-Aboagie, director general of the health service, citing the rise in covid-19 cases and the location of the Omic variant strain.

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About 5.7% of Covid-19’s population of 30 million have been vaccinated against covid-19 in Ghana so far, according to data compiled by Reuters.

The new rules are among the strictest in Africa, where the immunization campaign is delayed due to a lack of vaccines, as well as supply chain problems.

“The current rise in cases combined with the location of the Omicron strain among overseas travelers and the expected increase in infections during the holiday season call for emergency measures to prevent a major outbreak of covid-19 in Ghana,” he said. Kuma-Aboagie.

Ghana is trying to speed up its vaccination campaign this month, and from January 22 vaccination will be mandatory for some groups, including government officials, health workers and students.

Also from January, proof of vaccination will be required to enter nightclubs, beaches, stadiums and restaurants.

In the last two weeks, new cases of covid-19 detected at Kotoka International Airport in Ghana’s capital, Accra, accounted for about 60% of all infections reported in the country, Kuma-Aboagie explained.

Airport data show that people who tested positive for covid-19 were three times more likely to be unvaccinated, he added. Among these cases, 34 Omicron strains were detected, 75% of which were unvaccinated.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 131,246 cases of covid-19 and 1,228 deaths from the disease have been reported in Ghana.



Source From: Capital

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