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“Ghost” submarine with two bodies and R$ 460 million in cocaine is found in Colombia

The Colombian Navy informed, last Sunday (12), that it intercepted, in the Pacific Ocean, a drifting semi-submersible vessel carrying drugs.

According to authorities, the vessel, which looks like a submarine, was approximately 15 meters long and was carrying around 2,643 tons of cocaine hydrochloride.

According to the Colombian navy, the drug was destined for Central American countries and was valued at US$ 87 million, equivalent to almost R$ 460 million.

In the semi-submersible, which suffered from water entering its interior, the Colombian military also found two bodies and rescued two people alive, but in poor health.

The two rescued men were treated and taken to a ship where they received medical care. Colombian authorities believe that there was a leak of toxic gases from the fuel of the “submarine”.

The vessel, rescued people, bodies and cargo were escorted by authorities to a port in Tumaco, in southwestern Colombia, close to the border with Ecuador.

*With information from Reuters

Source: CNN Brasil

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