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Gianluca Grignani: “The bottle I left behind”

Sincere, direct, at times inappropriate. TO Hyenas Gianluca Grignani he lays bare as he had never done before, explaining what he has left behind and what he hopes to see in a future led by a generation that must be trusted and that no one should turn their wings. “The bottle of vodka swirls in my hand along the mezzanine of the villa overlooking the hill of vineyards. I’m wearing a blue dressing gown. The substance is cleverly hidden in the bathroom: every now and then I go to see it, so as not to give in to something that not even I know what it is. Alcohol has no effect, it doesn’t calm me down. I am alone. The space that separates the mezzanine from the floor is like the fall from the top of Everest to the bottom of the Mariana Trench », says Grignani looking straight into the room.

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“My brain unrolls images and thoughts in this order: father, mother, children, work, friends. I feel like I’m falling, but my body is still there. Stopped. Property. He shouted: “My life for a reason … help!”. This is an episode in my life, I got naked, I told you what I left behind », the singer insists before sending a message to what awaits us. “Let me tell you what I think about the future, starting from a maxim that I had been keeping for a while in the back of a drawer:” Never give a poet a guitar in his hand, he would tell you what poets hide at the bottom of the river of sadness and the rest of the world could mistake it for a war cry ”. Here we are: the rest of the world, confused, influenced, unable to distinguish good from evil, also passed through a pandemic: aliens who do not recognize each other ».


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

However, there is hope: «Then there is generation Z, which I have renamed V, as a victory. What I identify as the hand extended to my cry: “my life for a reason”. Those who have never needed books because they’ve always had a computer, those who think it’s normal for the phone to do everything except coffee. They, who are referred to as the dispersed generation, which has no roots, instead it is the first that was not educated to the motto “mors tua vita mea”who does not believe that everything is lawful if the victory is only for one, if the strongest wins. It is the generation of inclusiveness, capable of making everyone equal in differences, the generation of change, the hand of the future. And as a musician I want to imagine for them and for all of us a different ending to a very famous song, California hotels of the Eagles ». Finally, the closure: “In this ending, instead of getting stuck in a future without imagination as in the original version, we will all find ourselves, without exception, back in the desert, free, but with the horizon ahead and with a hell of fire now behind”.

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