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Gianluca Vacchi: the complaint of the ex-maid and the reply of his staff

Where the truth lies, it still is all to be clarified. Certainly, however, the case Gianluca Vacchi, has been doing it for several hours now a lot of arguing. The media storm was triggered by an interview with The Republic from Laluna Maricris Bantugona Filipino domestic worker who worked for the famous entrepreneur from May 2017 to December 2020: “He didn’t treat me well, he didn’t respect my rights as a worker»Said the maid, denouncing situations that were for her “Source of stress”.

Above all, the famous ballets on TikTok ofinfluencer. “In some cases we had to participate in the videos in person, even if we didn’t want to appear“, he has declared. “We once shot a movie with gods male colleagues, one made a mistake and he gave it to him a blow to the chest“. Work shifts are also in the spotlight: «I also happened to work more than 20 hours a day: for ten days, in 2017, without interruption from 8 in the morning until 6 on day following“.

“You shouldn’t have complained, other colleagues of mine at that time they ran awayContinued Laluna Maricris Bantugon. But then why did she stay for over three and a half years in the Vacchi house? “There was the lockdown and I needed to work, ”she replied,“ and there was an exceptional housekeeper who often he managed to mediate“. The interview also talks about “blasphemies“(” I’ve never heard anyone say so many bad words “) and di “Bottles thrown” (“When he was looking for the medicines he could no longer find”).

What is true in this reconstruction, we are not given to know (The Republic talk about a dispute in which the former home helps ask for “70 thousand euros for severance pay and unpaid overtime”). But the discussion on the subject widened when the same newspaper published Note vowels in which Vacchi is furious with some of his domestic collaborators, including “forgotten glasses»And« missing testosterone bites »:« I’m fed up, we have to make a list and make them 100 euro finethen they pay them added up ».

To throw away immediately water on the firethe current Vacchi staff intervened: “We are somewhat disappointed by what we have read, there is nothing true in what has been reported », exclaims Laura, who is the spokesperson for a group of 9 employees. “Our life does not pass between one frustrated, an insult and a pulled cup. To us no one forces us to do TikTok, to put a apron: we work for a beautiful family. And the Doctor, when he raises his voice, has the humility to apologize. “

The web, meanwhile, is divided between who attacks him with his head down and who defends himwondering why these allegations come right after the documentary’s release Mucho Más. «What was said, was said by a person who unfortunately for her no longer has the honor of be in the midst of this team»Concluded Laura. “Nobody is threatening us, we are here unbeknownst of our employer. We love him and he, as he shows us, wants us. The word respect it exists in here. “

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