gIANMARIA: “Music saved me”

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Despite being just nineteen and early in his career, gIANMARIA has chosen to face immediately what in his profession has not yet happened to him but which remains the black shadow of many artists, both experienced and beginners who are: the possibility of failure. The first album of this young promise came second to the latest edition of X Factor it’s called just like this: I will fail, a way to exorcise the things that will not go well but that we should accept with serenity because, after all, without a fall there could be no ascent, whether in work or in life. “Looking failure in the face and saying it’s not that bad is the key to everything, the push to be successful again », GIANMARIA recounts in connection with Zoom from the kitchen of her father’s apartment in Vicenza. Blond hair, beardless face, thin body, GIANMARIA opens the drawer of her emotions and talks about many of the themes addressed in the songs contained within the album: from silence to love, from discomfort to fear of the future.


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He often speaks of silence as a resource to be exploited: why?
“I think it’s very important and often seen as an embarrassing thing to interrupt. Yet I see it as an interesting condition, capable of offering me many food for thought ».

What scares about silence?
“I’m not a sociologist, but I think it depends on the fact that we are social animals made to be in contact with people, to talk. The important thing is to balance the two ».

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She is not afraid of silence, but neither is failure.
“It is a push to be reborn, to give the best of oneself, to make the most of ourselves”.

Do you think saying “I failed” out loud helps?
“Absolutely yes. It would be too easy to talk only about beauty and successes ».


Do you think you have failed at something in life?
“I think I have failed in normality. I failed as a student and as a son. When I was 13 I stopped: I could no longer study to find a normal job, to stay in Vicenza, to go home on time in the evening. These are things I suffered because my parents weren’t happy with me. Now I thank them for this ».

Also at 13 he began to devote himself to music.
«Before I was lost, I had so many passing passions that I later changed. When the music arrived, I realized it was different ».

When did the ball arrive?
«When I started writing poems, thoughts of the day, and the strong passion for listening to music started, which saved me. After having loved it so much, by chance I happened to do it: I found a microphone and I registered. There I understood that it would be the thing I would do all my life ».

What music saved her?
«The first I discovered was Italian rap: Salmo, but also more reflective songs. Then the classic American rap – I was fascinated by the denunciation of black boys of the time – and the trap. In the last three years, I’ve been studying more ».

Curious that you mention Salmo, since he has decided to title his latest album Flop, also exorcising failure.
“I think he did it out of a kind of provocation: mine is a reflection. It would be cooler if it was also a provocation in my case, but I don’t have the perceived to do such a thing. “


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