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Giants of the seas: humpback whales enchant on the north coast of SP

The humpback whale visiting season on the north coast of São Paulo has already begun, providing a stunning natural spectacle for visitors to the region.

Between the months of June and July, these sea giants carry out their annual migration, leaving the cold waters of the south of the continent to reproduce and give birth in the warmer waters of the coast of São Paulo.

Impressive images

Incredible aerial images captured by Marcos Cará show humpbacks swimming majestically, accompanied by bottlenose dolphins. One of the most captivating scenes records a young whale, about 8 to 9 meters long, leaping out of the water.

According to marine biologist Júlio Cardoso, from the Baleia Vista project, the whales caught were engaged in reproduction behavior, while the dolphins took the opportunity to romance among the marine giants.

Humpbacks, which can reach an impressive 16 or 17 meters in length, are frequently seen in the region of Ilhabela and São Sebastião at this time of year. According to Cardoso, so many whales have never been seen on the coast of São Paulo as this season.

Rules for observation

Despite the fascination that these sea creatures arouse, there are strict rules for whale watching. Boats must remain with the engine turned off and maintain a safe distance, respecting the animals’ natural habitat.

In the coming days, more stunning images of this natural spectacle will be shared, offering viewers a unique opportunity to appreciate the grandeur of these majestic sea creatures.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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