Gillian Anderson left bras behind and made comfort a priority

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Every woman has felt, at least once in her life, the incredible sensation of removing her blaze at the end of the day, because she is aware of how her skin bristles when she is free, naturally and without a glass rod that is compressing her breasts.

The actress of Sex Education Gillian Anderson, like thousands of women around the world, took advantage of working from home and for much of 2020 was natural. However, this year, with the return to normal routines, Anderson decided not to use blaze never more.

She was very honest with her followers

During a live broadcast on Instagram, the actress from The X Files took the time to answer questions from his followers and answered what his look preferred to be at home during the pandemic.

I don’t wear a bra, not anymore. I can’t do it, I can’t. Sorry if my breasts reach my belly button, but I don’t care. I can never wear a bra again. It is too uncomfortable.

He spoke on an issue that generates controversy

Gillian Anderson

Many of his fans They applauded his honesty and the naturalness with which he spoke on a topic that to this day continues to cause controversy, especially since women who decide not to wear this garment are considered unkempt or even indecent.

Anderson, who was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for her role as Margaret Thatcher on the hit series The Crown, added that comfort has always been the key to having a look amazing, including not wearing blaze.

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