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Gina Garcia announces re-recording of Elis Regina with her daughter, Gloria Groove

Singer Gina Garcia announced, in an interview with CNN , who re-recorded an Elis Regina song with her daughter, drag queen Gloria Groove. The song will be on her first solo album, “Tô Pronta”, whose release date has not yet been announced.

Gina said that she introduced the singer from Rio Grande do Sul to Gloria Groove, who was amazed by the greatness of the career and voice of the owner of hits such as “Como Nosso Pais” and “Fascinação”. From then on, as she said, her daughter immersed herself in Elis’ universe and started listening to all of her albums.

“[Elis] It’s a reference for us, it’s top on the market. There’s no one who doesn’t like it. She doesn’t have a defect. If she has it, it’s imperceptible, we don’t know,” said Gina.

She added that the chosen song is part of the album “Essa Mulher”, released by Elis Regina in 1979. The album features the great success “O Bêbado e o Equilibrista”, which features compositions by Aldir Blanc and João Bosco.

“[Gloria] started listening to several Elis albums. She has a specific one, which is close to our hearts, which is “That woman”. We did a re-recording of this album which is on my album too. It’s me and Glória singing,” she said exclusively to CNN .

After a career spanning more than 25 years singing in bars and concert halls, as well as being a backing vocalist for groups such as Raça Negra, Gina Garcia announced that she will release her first solo album.

To date, the singer has already made two songs available on digital platforms. The first was “Meu Anjo”, a collaboration with Gloria Groove that talks precisely about the relationship between the two. The second, launched on Friday (7), was “Respeito É Bom”, which has a direct message to the LGBT+ community and features names such as federal deputy Erika Hilton (PSOL-SP), Preta Gil and Liniker .

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Source: CNN Brasil

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