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Gina Garcia brings together Preta Gil and Erika Hilton in a song about LGBT+ rights

Singer Gina Garcia released, this Friday morning (7), a song in defense of the rights of the LGBT+ population. “Respeito é Bom” is part of the first solo album of the career of drag queen Gloria Groove’s mother.

The samba features the participation of federal deputy Erika Hilton (PSOL-SP) and Preta Gil, as well as Assucena, Caio Prado and singer Liniker. The lyrics, as the title of the track suggests, call for respect and celebrate faith in the future and unity of the community.

“Make way for my samba, my block will pass and the plot is courage in life”, says the song, which is composed by the singer herself.

A CNN , Gina Garcia revealed that, on June 19th, she will perform the first live performance of the song during a charity dinner that aims to raise funds for Casa Chama, an NGO that created the first living space for trans people in vulnerable situations in America Latin. The action is carried out in partnership with chef Carmen Virgínia, from the Altar Cozinha Ancestral restaurant.

Her intention was to take advantage of the launch to go beyond speech and do something that would actually impact the reality of the transsexual and transvestite population, which, according to her, takes a long time to be impacted by public policies in Brazil.

“I wanted to look for a house to help because we know that they help, a lot of people who sometimes just pass by the house, don’t live there. These are people who are on the street, who don’t have anything to eat, who can’t take a shower, or who don’t have clothes,” explained Gina.

“We are trying with this project, with this launch, to go to that place of really making a difference to help people who are in difficult and vulnerable situations.”

Tickets for the dinner are on sale at Sympla website and cost R$ 200. Entrance entitles you to the Altar Cozinha Ancestral tasting menu.

Choice of song collaborations

In the feat, Gina Garcia received from Preta Gil, an open bisexual who has been fighting for the rights of the LGBT+ population for decades, Erika Hilton, the first transsexual elected to the Chamber of Deputies, in 2022.

A CNN , she explains that the criteria used was, firstly, the friendship she has for the people invited. Afterwards, she thought about the representation that each one added to the music and, finally, the talent.

“The people were chosen from my heart, because they are my friends. Then because of the representation they have in this field and also because they are musicians, they are singers, they are people with talent. That’s also what we’re talking about on this album,” she declared.

Listen below Gina Garcia’s new song:

Source: CNN Brasil

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