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Gina Lollobrigida, who gets the 10 million euro inheritance?

Who owns the estate Gina Lollobrigida? The diva, who died on January 16 at the age of 95, has left a fortune of 10 million euros. The most consistent part is represented by the wonderful villa on the Appia Antica where he lived. Then there are jewels, paintings, and an apartment in Tuscany. There would be no trace, however, of the gods 215 million dollars which, according to a number of sources, are kept in the United States. From 2019 the «Bersagliera» of Bread, love and fantasy had a support administrator appointed by the Tribunal to protect its assets. Result of a lawsuit filed by the son of the actress, Andrea Milko Skoficversus Andrew Piazzolla, Lollo’s handyman caregiver. Milko had reported him for the alleged stripping of the diva’s assets. The trial for circumvention of an incompetent person – according to the indictment Piazzolla slowly robbed Lollo of goods, properties and money – is still ongoing. And now, with the death of the actress, the mystery opens up: what will happen to her estate?

If there wasn’t a will the actress’s entire estate would pass to her son. But second Fanpages a will drawn up by Lollobrigida before her death exists, has been entrusted to a notary and will be open in the next few days. In that case Milko, as heir to the diva, will certainly be entitled to it 50 percent of the assets. The remainder will be destined for the uses indicated in the will. And in this sense it is possible that Piazzolla ended up on trial but defended by Lollo until the last day (he is «one of the family», he said) find space among the last wishes indicated by the actress.

Then there is the unknown represented byGina’s ex baby-husband, the Spanish businessman Francisco Javier Rigau, her junior by nearly thirty-five years. La Lollo fought it for a long time in courtrooms accusing him of marrying her «without my knowledge and without my consent, for the purpose of inheriting my property after my death». Rigau was acquitted in 2017, much to the chagrin of the actress. But in 2019 the marriage was canceled by the Sacra Rota. «I will inherit nothing” said the man to life live, «but an investigation should be made into Gina’s properties because all her assets have disappeared”.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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