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Giovanna Ewbank responds to rumors of a marriage crisis: “Machismo juice”

Giovanna Ewbank spoke out this Friday afternoon (10), denying rumors that her marriage to Bruno Gagliasso was in crisis. Through a video, the actress opened up about news published earlier this week by “Correio Braziliense”, which revealed an alleged betrayal recently committed by the actor.

The influencer also began the video by stating that she does not usually refute fake news about herself, but that she was surprised by what she called “absurd machismo”.

“I move on with my life and let time show that it’s a lie, right? But this week a note came out about me, in a very serious vehicle, in fact. I wanted to come here and talk because the note was so absurdly machismo that I was very impressed”, she began.

Giovanna also made clear the points that most caught her attention. “Three things caught my attention: the first, that the article begins by saying that my marriage is ‘on the rocks’, because Bruno had recently cheated on me. Which, for the journalist and for society, is super okay, super normalized, so much so that he plays without any investigation or any responsibility, right?”, she declared.

“If the lie was that I had cheated on Bruno, that would definitely be the call and I would already be being teased, called a slut. Because man’s betrayal is legitimized and is often even encouraged by the person who is educating. But not the woman, the woman can never talk about betrayal, much less for her own pleasure. And there is feminicide to prove it. How many women have died because of this”, she continued.

The actress also refuted the information that her marriage was in crisis because she abandoned the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, which according to Thiago Sodré, would be sponsored by Bruno Gagliasso. The program is presented by the influencer together with actress Fernanda Paes Leme.

“Look at my channel, which has been around for 10 years and is a success. A woman could never have achieved this alone, obviously. A man would be sponsoring it, paying for it. And there is also the fact that I share it with another woman, who is successful, which is Fernanda Paes Leme. Two successful women could never be successful professionally without the help of a man, without a man paying for it, right?”, asked the influencer.

The actress also refuted the information that an apartment she recently purchased in São Paulo had been the reason for disagreement between the couple: “Machismo juice”. Finally, she sent a message and talked about the current situation of her marriage. “For anyone who wants to know, for anyone who is interested, I am still very happily married, thank you very much, very happy, thank God, with my children and very successful. That’s it, folks. Let’s reflect”, asked the actress.

In the caption of the publication, she wrote: “May we have more seriousness, responsibility and RESPECT towards each other. On the other side of the screen there is always a person, a family, a life. Internet is clipping. Social media is edited life. And journalism is serious business.”

Bruno Gagliasso spoke out in the comments. “I love you,” he wrote. They are parents to Titi, 9, Bless, 7, and Zyan, 2.

Source: CNN Brasil

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