Giovanni Allevi: “My battle has begun”

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«With my heart overflowing with gratitude I thank you immensely for the Love you are giving me!». Giovanni Allevi, 53 years old, on June 18 he announced that he had discovered he had myeloma. A week later he is ready to share on social networks a shot that immortalizes him in the first day of treatment, from behind, while he is wearing an orthopedic corset. “I imagine your thoughts of encouragement and closeness envelop my body, and give relief to this sometimes unbearable pain. The battle has begun that has brought me to the deepest core of human frailty. With you I will win it! I love you! John“.

“I won’t go around it: I discovered that I have a sweet-sounding neoplasm: myeloma, but no less insidious”, he had written on his profile almost confidentially to his audience. «My greatest anguish is the thought of causing pain to my family and all the people who follow me with affection. I have always fought my inner dragons in concert with you, thanks to Music. This time forgive me, I’ll have to do it away from the stage “.

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Immediately after the announcement, which was followed by the cancellation of the Estasi 2022 summer tour, many people gathered around the pianist and composer to show their solidarity and closeness. Among the first, Fedez: «Giovanni, even if we don’t know each other, I wish you good luck for this difficult journey, in the hope that everything can be resolved in the best way. I hope you get this big one of mine / ours virtual hug and help you to get distracted a little. ” Then Linus, Lorella Cuccarini, the composers Nicola Piovani and Arturo Stàlteri, the Nobel Prize in Physics Giorgio Parisi, the mathematician Piergiorgio Oddifreddi.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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