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Girl confesses in networks that her parents are cousins ​​and criticism rains down on her

In various cultures and countries, marriage between family members, such as cousins, is frowned upon and not acceptable. Not only because they are related, but also because of the genetic consequences that the couple would have children.

However, despite the fact that couples made up of second or close cousins ​​are not socially acceptable, there are cases of people who fall in love with relatives, others who even get married and sometimes have children.

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Proof of this is the story of Sofia Altieria young woman from Puebla, Mexico, who aroused curiosity and drove many Twitter users crazy after confessing in a publication that her parents are cousins ​​and that this is one of the “moments” that keeps her humble.

In the thread of her confession, the girl clarified that she is not from Monterrey, as well as that although she has mental problems, she does not have any physical ones, since she came out pretty. In addition, she assured that she did not have the same last name twice, since her parents are second cousins. Among her clarifications, Sofía herself also confessed that she does not intend to have children, and not because of her parents, but because she does not have money.

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The girl took advantage of the narration of her story to tell the time when her mother did not let her go out with boys from other states because she said that she did not know their families, to which she replied that it was not fair, because when her mother she was young, she did not struggle to meet her father’s family, since they were the same.

Sofía’s shocking confession did not take long to generate curiosity among users who, intrigued to find out more, began to ask questions about it, among which those formulated with a touch of humor stand out, such as that of a boy who asked her if she calls uncle or dad to her father, to which the young woman replied that once she called her mom cousin and she got upset.

Source: Okchicas

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