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Girl exhibits messages with which Cristian Castro tried to link to his sister

Girl exhibits messages with which Cristian Castro tried to link to his sister

In addition to his music, something for which the Mexican singer Cristian Castro is known is for the daring and extravagant outfits with whom he suddenly appears on television or social networks.

However, a few days ago a video went viral on TikTok in which a girl displays the messages with which the singer-songwriter tried to flirt with a young woman from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to whom he even promised to pay her ticket to meet her.

Under the title: “POV: your brother-in-law could have been Cristian Castro himself”, the tiktoker Caro Ceballos shared a video on her account in which, with screenshots, she shows the messages with which the interpreter of Blue He tried to conquer his sister.

With the song For loving You so of Cristian Castro himself, in the recording you can read in the messages the moment in which Verónica Castro’s son answers a story to the girl who seems to be called Luli, and then continues the conversation until they talk about a possible meeting between the two .

Me that you start tagging Cristian when you’re fart at the bowling alley.

In the messages you can see that the singer asks the girl about her zodiac sign and if she has a visa to travel. Furthermore, the interpreter Will not be able He invited the girl to visit him where he lives, since he assured that he lives in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

But that’s not all, because he even promised that he would pay for the trip. Later you can see how they went from writing on Instagram to having more direct contact on WhatsApp, an application in which it is read that Cristian sent her messages saying “Love”, telling her how much he missed her and how eager he was to meet her.

The video ends with a screenshot showing the singer-songwriter’s WhatsApp profile photo. However, Caro did not tell more details about whether her sister came to see Cristian or if the thing remained in pure messages.

Her video did not take long to gain popularity on the social network, where the recording was filled with comments from other girls assuring that she had also written to them through direct messages on Instagram, while another user assured that she does not know what her daughter got rid of. sister, since, without giving details, he said that it was good that she did not see him in person.

With rumors that he always uses the same tactic of sending them messages and then meeting them in person and treating them badly, the video currently has more than a thousand comments and 1.3 million views and counting.

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