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Girl gives her boyfriend a World Cup album but with the moments of their relationship

Girl gives her boyfriend a World Cup album but with the moments of their relationship

The countdown for the World Cup to start has already begun, so to calm the fever of the fans and give them a taste of what they will see in the soccer world cup, on September 5, through their official site, panini released the famous Qatar 2022 World Cup stamp album.

Therefore, countless people will soon acquire it to start filling it with the stamps of the corresponding soccer players. However, not everyone wants to buy it, because there are quite creative people who, instead of getting the coveted World Cup book, create their own to fill it with the best moments that have happened with their partner.

Well, at least this was what one girl did, because instead of giving her the album that everyone fans football they would have, got inventive and designed a book in the style and with the design of the World Cup booklet. Instead of the iconic names and photographs of the players, she added travel sections, moments and places that they have visited together throughout their courtship, so that the boy can paste her photos there.

The story was shared through Twitter by Yago, the lucky and proud boy who received this great detail from his girlfriend Marisa. To show off the peculiar present, Yago published some photographs in which he shows a part of the album that bears the title “Our World Cup. Iago and Marisa”.

With the official colors of the World Cup and with a box with envelopes similar to those of the stamps, in the publication you can see small photos the size of the vignettes where, as the case may be, you must paste the corresponding image.

Sections that are titled walks, museums, moments and even Halloween, are some of the most representative moments that the young couple has experienced during their relationship, or at least they are one of the occasions that they have more photos together.

Yago’s publication did not take long to go viral on the social network, where at the moment it has more than 47 thousand “likes”, 1,947 retweets and more than 4 thousand comments in which many tweeters have praised his gift, but a few others have criticized and even written negative opinions about it.

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