Girl had a blind date and a stranger left her a piece of paper with the red lights of her date

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In the United States, the term red flags, which refers to the red warning signs or inappropriate behaviors that certain people have and that could lead to a social or relationship problem in the future.

Based on this data, the story of a girl and her terrible date recently went viral on Twitter, who showed more than one red flag so obviously that one of the diners could see them in the distance. When trying to help the girl, the diner sent her a note warning her that her date was not a good option, as her red flags they left it in evidence. Although she was able to detect them, she appreciated the good intention of that man and shared her experience in networks.

Hadia, the protagonist of this story, says that during her date she was more concerned about her appearance than what was really happening. However, as the talk progressed, she began to feel uncomfortable and at odds.

To ease the tension and take a breath, he went to the bathroom, but on his return, the diner behind his table handed him a note very delicately. She opened it and read an alert message: “Too many red flags. Run. Get safe, girl.

Hadia understood the note, thanked the man for his interest in helping her and assumed that this man, perhaps, had believed that she had not caught the red signals of their date, so she intervened discreetly.

Written message;  Unknown alerted a girl in the middle of a date.  They were too many bad signs

Too many red flags. Run. Get safe girl

Ok, I’ll share more… I recognized the red flags, but I wasn’t in danger, so I stayed because I had to deal with it. I’m sure my Guardian Angel was exhausted and was like “READ THE NOTE!”

There were a few other red flags that I won’t mention, but don’t worry, I would have recognized them with or without the note. However, the note was much appreciated and added some laughs to my evening. There will be no second date.

Haida shared the facts in a small thread on Twitter, receiving more than 390 thousand interactions and thanks to that diner who tried to help her. On the other hand, Hadia made it clear that she will not have a date with that boy again and will wait for someone better to come into her life.

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