Girl is moved to meet her adoptive mother; her look of love is everything

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Do you believe in fate? They say that nothing happens by chance, because there are moments that seem to be wonderful coincidences, but were probably destined to happen. For example, most parents who have adopted a child say that when they saw their little one they felt that they had finally found that little person they were looking for so much.

But what do little ones feel when they are adopted? Coincidentally, a cute viral TikTok video shows us the other side of the coin. On this occasion it is the beautiful reaction of a little girl that moves us deeply, because her look of love confirms that she is sure that she has finally found her mother.

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Apparently, everything happened in the United States, where the newly released mom Genevieve Taversy set out to record her adoptive daughter’s participation in a school event. Little she was dressed up like the rest of her little friends to interpret the verses of a nursery rhyme.

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But the girl completely forgot about her performance, because from the stage she could only point to her mother while giving her beautiful looks of love. Also, she kept repeating that it was her mommy. Meanwhile, her classmates tried to continue singing the song, under the supervision of the teacher.

girl performing at festival

It is impressive to see all the affection that a child can express, because we have no doubt that for this little girl the most important person in the world was the one who deserved all her attention, without considering the fact that she tried to tell everyone who her mommy was even though she had practically just been adopted by Genevieve.

Seeing her beautiful face we can only melt with love. Who knows, maybe if you have never thought about the possibility of being a biological mother, it is because perhaps, somewhere in the world, the soul of a little being is waiting for you to give you her heart.

This video was taken shortly after I adopted my little girl. Instead of singing, she kept pointing at me, saying: ‘My mommy’. I am so grateful to capture this beautiful moment.

Source: Okchicas

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