Girl managed to save herself thanks to checking the driver’s license plate and knowing that this is how fake Ubers operate

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Women have always been taught that we have to be very careful when we are alone in the street, since, unfortunately, we face risks that are very different from those that men usually face.

One of the situations in which we have to be very alert in case something goes wrong is when taking an Uber, taxi, DiDi, etc., as many people take advantage of people’s distraction to deceive them and put them in their cars. Obviously with the worst intentions.

a terrifying incident

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Ciara Johnson is a travel blogger who used her account Twitter to share a very disconcerting experience he had when leaving an airport. You see, she requested an Uber to pick her up at the airport. On the way out, a car pulled up, the same model as the Uber she ordered, and the driver got out to collect Ciara’s luggage, which she put in the trunk. All this, according to Ciara, was very rushed and she did not get to see the license plate before the driver put away her bags.

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However, she did not rest easy until she could verify the plate. When doing so, he was surprised, since he saw that it was not the Uber he had requested. Fortunately, she hadn’t gotten into the car and the driver took out her luggage and told her he wished it wasn’t the wrong car, referring to the new Uber waiting for her. Before Ciara could do anything else, she pulled away, realizing that another Uber had already arrived, this time the real one.

Ciara was still very upset and told the driver what had happened, who replied that this happens very often. The driver told her that the fake drivers expect the women to be distracted and get into the cars without verifying that they are a legitimate Uber or taxi. The most worrying thing is that Ciara assures that the driver of the other car looked – and acted – very normal, he did not do anything out of the ordinary, but the fact that he left without a ticket confirms that he was not there to pick up someone.

Unfortunately, it all happened so fast that Ciara was unable to take a photo of the plate in order to make a report to the authorities. And, sadly, these kinds of incidents are more common than we would like to admit, so we always have to be vigilant, especially if we are alone.

stay safe

Ciara shared some tips to try to avoid such dangerous situations. Although in a perfect world we could walk around the world freely, unfortunately these kinds of unfortunate incidents exist and it never hurts to take care of yourself.

  • Check the license plate before you get in the car.
  • Ask the driver who they are picking up. Don’t say your name, wait for him or her to say it.
  • Share your location with someone you trust.
  • Verify that your driver matches the one in the photo on the app.

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