Girl spends a million on her birthday party and gets stood up

Girl spends a million on her birthday party and gets stood up

When a party is planned, there is no worse feeling than none of the guests arriving, above all, because we contemplate the people with whom we want to share that moment. In addition, we all know that organizing a celebration is not easy, between the place, the details, the invitations, the music and the decoration, to mention a few, the expenses are not just anything.

However, it seems that over time this has ceased to be important for some people, since situations such as Ángela’s, who organized her birthday party for 120 people, “thrown the house down” are becoming more and more frequent. the window” and only a few friends and family attended.

According to the video posted on TikTok, the young woman organized her party in a beautiful, well-decorated room with a large dance floor, waiter services, and suitable music, ready to enjoy. But the effort was in vain, because only a few friends attended the party. It was precisely one of them who shared this fact.

As expected, the clip did not take long to go viral. In addition, it collected comments from users asking for location and asking if they could join the celebration. Others mentioned that by not having gone to her party, Ángela realized who her true friends are.

As we said, this is becoming more and more common. In addition, the worst thing is that not only do they miss the party, but they do not have the attention to notify that they will not be able to attend. Like Ángela’s, there have been cases of “seedlings” that, when they go viral, people immediately join even when they do not know the person celebrated, they attend to help make the moment more enjoyable.

In 2020, a young woman also had an experience similar to Angela’s after she organized a super party with a DJ, a drinks bar, a hot dogs and snacks, but her guests practically stood her up, as only three friends attended.

That is why, from now on, we must seriously consider who we are going to invite to an event like this, considering that the parties imply an expense, so at least we could do them to share with whom it is worthwhile, although that means that only our two inseparable friends attend. Do not believe it?

Source: Okchicas