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Gisele Bundchen raises more than R$4.5 million for RS: “Changing lives”

Gisele Bundchen, 43 revealed on Wednesday night (15) that it has already raised more than R$4.5 million for the victims of the rains in Rio Grande do Sul . The model also listed some institutions that are already helping the state with this money.

“More of 16,750 people have already donated . Until now, they have been approximately R$4,532,000 . Your donation can change lives,” Gisele posted on social media, in English and Portuguese. Donations were made through the Luz Alliance Fund created by the model in 2020.

The institution seeks to “provide humanitarian aid to families who have suffered the impacts generated by the crisis caused by the pandemic in Brazilian territory. As of 2021, however, the fund also began to include environmental protection and regeneration projects.”

Gisele made a appeal for donations on the 8th, in a video in which she appeared quite emotional. “My home state, in Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, had the worst tragedy in its history . Heavy rains flooded entire cities. In most of the state, it’s not one or two cities, it’s more than 350.”

“People are not just losing their homes, their jobs, they are losing everything. And there are many still to be rescued”, continued Gisele. “No one was ready for this devastation. Cities are isolated, roads and points are destroyed.”

“People don’t have electricity, [estão] no clean water to drink. And many have been separated from their loved ones. And the saddest thing is that many lives were lost. It's painful, it's heartbreaking. So please join me in trying to help. Donate and help in any way you can.”

The institutions mentioned by the model as linked to her foundation and that would already be using the donated amount are: Instituto Cultural Floresta, Instituto Dunga de Desenvolvimento do Cidadão, Gerar (Specialist Group in High Risk Rescue), Instituto Humus and Banco de Alimentos do Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: CNN Brasil

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