Gislin Maxwell: Jeffrey Epstein’s “Madame” does not pull the cistern in her cell either

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New revelations come to light about the conditions of detention of the infamous “madam” of the perverted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and this time they bear the seal of the prosecution.

According to a letter filed in federal court in Manhattan, the prosecutor’s office claims that Gislein Maxwell is leaving her cell in Brooklyn in a state of chaos.

He doesn’t even press it cistern after using the toilet, it is noted meaningfully in the letter sent by the prosecution on Tuesday.

The prosecution responded to the accusations made by its lawyers Maxwell in February, who saw their client abused by prison officials for forcing her to clean her cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

It was not a punishment, the prosecution now says, it is basic rules of hygiene. The guards forced her to clean the dirt and clutter, but also the stench of the toilet.

“The staff of the Metropolitan Detention Center directed the accused to clean her cell because it had become very dirty. Among other things, the staff noticed that often the accused did not step on the toilet after using the toilet, something that made the cell smell “.

As we recall, Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 and is accused of supplying underage girls to be sexually abused by Epstein.

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