GitNex for Gitea

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GitNex is an open source Android client for the Git Gitea repository management tool. Gitea is a community-driven fork of Gogs, a lightweight code hosting solution written in Go.


– Support for multiple accounts

– File and directory browser

– Create files

– Login via token

– Merge Request

– Offline mode (cache)

– Researching repositories

– Differential view of PR files for public repositories

– List of repositories

– List of organizations

– Creating a new repository / organization

– Search / filter repositories / organizations / issues, etc.

– Profile view

– List of problems

– Release Notes

– Comment on questions

– Create a new task with multiple assignees, shortcuts and add a milestone, due date

– Create shortcuts

– Editing / deleting shortcuts

– List of milestones

– Create a new milestone

– List of branches

– Releases with original download

– View contributors for the repository

– Markdown support

– Emoji support

– Extensive settings

– Ability to access local installations without https

– 2FA OTP support

– Notifications

– Drafts

– Switching branches in the file browser

– Commit repository

– Support for self-signed certificates

– Automatic theme switcher

– Delete comments

– Configure app cache from settings

Additional features –

Source code:


Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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