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Giulia Cecchettin murder, Turetta controlled her with a “spy app”

Filippo Turetta had studied his “ruthless criminal plan” in detail against Giulia Cecchettin, killed last November 11th and found dead a week later.

In the act with which the Venice prosecutor's office closed the investigation into the self-confessed murderer of the 22-year-old biomedical engineering student, Turetta was accused ofpremeditation, cruelty, brutality, kidnapping, possession of weapons, concealment of a corpse and stalking.

At least four days before the crime, the student had organized everything. He controlled Giulia Cecchettin with a “spy app” installed on his cell phone and, from internet searches (“insulating tape, handcuffs, rope, shovels, black bags”) it is clear that he had thought of everything he could need. In a file on his computer – deleted and then recovered by computer experts – he had written down how to tie Giulia with duct tape hands, ankles, knees, and even how to cover her mouth. Turetta he had also researched mountain locations where the murder “could have been more easily carried out and the body hidden”.

But he had also planned his escape (“cash money, clean clothes, supplies, to minimize contact with third parties”), obtaining paper maps “to escape without using electronic tools”.

According to the investigations led by the chief prosecutor Bruno Cherchi and the deputy Andrea Petroni, and conducted by the Carabinieri of the provincial command of Venice, Turetta had planned the murder in detail, “including the concealment of the body.”

¬ęThe activity was carried out on objective data, independent of Turetta's statements, which are defensive. The work was done on the reconstruction of the facts”, explained Cherchi. Cruelty is proven by obstinacy against the girl: they were inflicted on her 75 stab wounds “of which only 20 derive from the defense of the victim”. Giulia was hit “several times, including on her face”, in a way “clearly exceeding the homicidal intent”.

According to Cherchi, Turetta “deserves a fair trial, without too much media coverage, the lay judges should not be too involved in this affair”. He risks life imprisonmentbut his lawyer could still ask for a psychiatric evaluation.

Source: Vanity Fair

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