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Giulia Cecchettin on the ground, so Filippo Turetta hit her

First the argument in the car park near the house, heard by a neighbor who raised the alarm. Then Filippo tugs her and pulls her into the car. Giulia Cecchettin screaming and being forced to get on. A handful of kilometers. The door opens, Giulia gets out and starts running. Filippo reaches her, hits her, the girl shouts “you’re hurting me”. Giulia falls to the ground, she is still on the asphalt, helpless. Filippo puts her in the car and disappears into thin air. A few hours later, in Val di Zoldo, the camera records a single person sitting upright in the cockpit.

The surveillance cameras at Dior in Fossò tell what no one until now was willing to admit: a degenerated argument. And even if official confirmation has not yet arrived, everything suggests that the blood stains and hair found by company employees on Monday morning when the factory gates reopened could actually belong to the student from Vigonovo.

Filippo Turetta was entered in the register of suspects, as a necessary act for the investigations, but at this point not only for this. This is why, after seven days, the hope that Giulia will be able to return home becomes increasingly faint. And this is why yesterday the searches along the Brenta, the Muson, the Piave but also Lake Barcis intensified. The question is: what happened to Giulia. Because a passage of Filippo’s car would have been traced on Wednesday in Austria, in Lienz. And there is the fear that the boy, taking advantage of an initial advantage, is now headed towards northern Europe.


The images acquired by the police, although “not very clear”, say the investigators, reconstruct the dynamics of what happened on Saturday night between 11.30pm and 11.45pm. «As a consequence of his action he caused further wounds and further bleeding, which resulted in the offended party remaining apparently lifeless on the ground while Turetta loaded his body into his car, moving away from the scene and making himself immediately untraceable». This is the text of the provision which saw the European arrest warrant issued against Filippo Turetta.

The escape

Giulia Cecchettin’s father showed up at the Carabinieri headquarters to report her disappearance on Sunday at 1.30 pm. In fact, the searches began on Monday: in this way the Gran Punto Nera had about 36 hours of advantage to cross Veneto, Friuli, Alto Adige and probably to leave the national borders and continue its escape to Austria. It remains to be understood how Filippo could have been unavailable for six days without a trace of a sample or a full tank of fuelThis is an argument which would make it possible to imagine a premeditated act rather than a rape. For this reason yesterday the police searched Filippo’s room and PC for three hours, in the hope of finding some useful information for the investigation.

The sister

In the meantime, new alarming details emerge about Philip’s possessiveness. «He had psychologically coercive behavior with my sister», reiterates Elena Cecchettin, Giulia’s older sister at Corriere della Sera, «She had confided in her friends that she was afraid of him. She told her clearly that she shouldn’t graduate before him, she should have waited for him, slowed down her exams, given him a hand.” Then Elena reveals new details of the control that Philip exercised over Giulia’s life. She «she Demanded the goodnight message every evening. Then when he sent it, he checked my sister’s last login on WhatsApp. If the access was later than bedtime, Filippo would go crazy.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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