Giulio Berruti naked in a film: the alleged crisis with Maria Elena Boschi

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For some time now Poland has become the Hollywood of Italian actors determined to conquer the world thanks to their graces. And so, after Michele Morrone became an international star thanks to the two films in the saga of 365 days now it’s the turn of Giulio Berruti, which we will soon see unveiled and uninhibited in the film Dziewczyny z Dubaju international title Girls to buy a type of 50 shades, but even more driven. The news was Berruti himself, who shared the trailer of the film on Instagram, suggesting that the scenes in which he will be dressed can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

With Paulina Galazka32 years old, female protagonist of the film, Giulio Berruti has built a relationship of friendship documented on his social profiles, even if the doubts of the press and the public are all oriented towards Maria Elena Bosch i, Berruti’s girlfriend who, according to some, would not have appreciated such explicit scenes in front of the camera. The couple has been linked since 2020: in recent years there has often been talk of a crisis, but the breakup never happened. According to the well-informed, however, it seems that Maria Elena kept a close eye on the making of the film and kept her partner under control even off the set.

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The images of the film circulated online and disseminated by the trailer for Girls to buy, on the other hand, they are quite unequivocal, and they see Giulio Berruti as the protagonist of embraces that will almost certainly lead to discussion. While waiting to find out the reaction of the public in front of the film, perhaps it is appropriate to contain the gossip and limit the rumors of a couple crisis due to these scenes: the actor’s job, after all, is to immerse himself in roles. and lend themselves to even difficult scenes without protesting, and Maria Elena Boschi knows this well.

Source: Vanity Fair

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