Giuseppe Povia, his father died: “Hi dad, you were great”

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Giuseppe Povia, who in the last social post apologized to the fans for their discontinuity, had to say goodbye to father, who passed away on Sunday evening. “You taught me irony, frankness and a desire to do things. When I won Sanremo they asked me: “Who is your legend?”, I said: “My father” », the singer wrote online, publishing a photo of himself as a child, held in the arms of his father in the summer. “I don’t tell you “Rest in peace”, because you said that in eternal life there is no rest, one lives in joy and light, you were too far ahead », he then added,« I’m always your baby with your fingers in your mouth that you held tight.

You were such a good man. Good heaven Dad, ”wrote Povia, who in an interview with Truth he recounted the pain of an illness lived at a distance.

«These days, you can’t see your loved ones in the hospital even in the absence of Covid, like in my dad’s case. A torture for relatives, but especially for the sick. I had time to dedicate the song to him, my mom and my three sisters We will return to Italy», Explained the singer, who then said on Instagram that he had postponed the publication of his latest album out of respect for his sick father. «I’m alone in everything and I could postpone the release of the album again but I want to go on immediately so I force myself, I need it. Soon I’ll give you news », he promised on Instagram.

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