Glamping in Italy: 10 dream tents


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I glamping in Italy more beautiful. To leave the walls of the house and immerse yourself completely in nature. Without giving up comfort, security and privacy. New forms of hospitality eco-sustainable, which follow the trend of slow tourism. Privilege naturalistic destinations and facilities for few guests, ensuring adequate social distance. And they often bring abandoned places back to life.

Awnings, domes, yurts and geodetic spheres. With a view. Here life goes slow. We read, swim, walk and sleep under the stars.

Holidays in tents
Glamping is a Macedonian word that combines glamor and camping. From camping, glamping inherits that wild and bucolic aspect of sleeping in the woods or by the sea. Glamourous because they are special addresses full of charm, elegant and comfortable. With resort-style amenities. In short, it is a form of camping that provides more luxurious facilities than traditional ones: king-size beds, breakfast in the room, swimming pool with a view. And above all plumbing and electrical systems.

The trend
Glamping in Italy are increasingly widespread. They are reminiscent of the African safaris of the 1920s. “Even if this type of holiday is much older: in the 16th John Stewart, third Eart of Atholl, organized a sumptuous camping in the Highlands on the occasion of the visit of James V of Scotland with his mother”, explains Emanuela Padoan, creator of the first glamping in Italy opened in 2009. “And to think that already in the 12th century Mongolian nomadic tribes lived in yurts equipped with all comforts: with the Glamping Canonici di San Marco we have only rediscovered a way of experiencing nature that has always existed “.

For who
For those looking for the contact with nature, they hate crowding and want to live a unique experience. For anyone who likes the idea of sleep under the stars and drink a glass of wine around the fire, but not that of wild camping: pitch a tent, fill the trunk of the car, sleep on damp ground and take a cold shower (in the river!).

From Veneto to Sicily: in the gallery above we have selected 10 glamping in Italia. To live in the wilderness, but with all the comforts.

(Cover photo: Procida Camp & Resort)

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