«Glass Onion», here’s how to visit the Greek villa of Miles Bron

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Imagine going right to that wonderful billionaire’s private island MilesBron loosely inspired by Elon Musk and starring Edward Norton in Glass Onion – Knives Out.

And now imagine entering his phantasmagorical home, the one with the swimming pools, the gigantic glass dome, the spa, the 17 bedrooms, the 22 bathrooms and the heavenly gardens. Here, now Netflix has organized a virtual tour so you can take a tour inside.

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An exceptional residence, which seemed to have been put up for sale for 450 million dollars. A strange one had appeared announcement on Zillow, the main American real estate sales site, but, after dampening the enthusiasm of wealthy potential buyers, it was later understood that it was a publicity stunt by Netflix for the launch of the film. Then the name chosen for the imaginary seller is brilliant: it is indicated Derol Zabinskithe Tramp hippie who lives together with Miles Bron in this dream location.

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The super villa is actually available for rent in a ultra-luxury resort (from 4,000 euros per night): designed by Ed Tuttle and Marios Angelopoulos, it overlooks the Aegean Sea and the Peloponnese. To tell the truth, what we see in the film is not the structure as it is in reality: for filming it was in fact modified and enriched by special effects which, for example, «built» the famous glass dome. In the Studios in Belgrade, Serbia, the set designers have in fact gone wild to make the house a celebration of the owner’s megalomania and the effect has certainly succeeded.

Images de glass onion. ©Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

Source: Vanity Fair

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