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Glasses, lip gloss and even sand: Madonna do Rio show items are sold

Madonna held a historic presentation on Copacabana beach on May 4th and brought together, according to RioTur, 1.6 million people in Rio de Janeiro. After the show, fans began selling collectibles and even beach sand was put up for sale on a website.

In an eBay ad, a profile offered for sale a bag with supposed sand from Copacabana beach, where the show took place. According to the platform, 14 thousand sales have already been made on this profile, which has several ads with items related to sport.

The unusual item is being sold for US$8.99, approximately R$46.22 at the current price.

Another item that is being sold by some profiles is the Carmed Madonna, which was released by Cimed on a limited basis and was distributed free of charge during the day to those who attended the singer's show in Rio de Janeiro.

In total, 25 thousand units of the gift were distributed. On ebay, several offers were made, with prices ranging from US$36 (approximately R$185) to US$149 (approximately R$766).

Cups from the show were also available for sale on the website. In an advertisement, two units are being sold for US$99, that is, approximately R$509.

T-shirts, caps and fanny packs are some other collectible items that are also for sale. Even before the performance, some vendors were already selling items such as fans, glasses and other objects for fans to use during the show.

The Queen of Pop's official store sold merchandise designed for the event, including t-shirts, bags and even a commemorative rosary.

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*With information from Giovanna Bronze and Caroline Ferreira, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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