Glassnode: “Lightning Network Capacity and Number of Active Channels Reaches New Record”

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The analytical company Glassnode has presented another report Week on-Chain, in which it notes a significant increase in the number of nodes and active channels in the second-level Lightning Network on the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to Glassnode, the significant growth of the Lightning Network began in May this year. And in September, the pace increased further thanks to the recognition of bitcoin as a legal tender in El Salvador and the support of tips in bitcoins by the social network Twitter.

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Currently, the number of active nodes in the Lightning Network is 15,600, and the number of channels has reached 73,000. Thus, each active node on average supports 4.6 channels.

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The network capacity has also significantly increased. Now 2,904 BTC are blocked in the second-level network, and in September the network capacity increased by 514 BTC. The growth rate since the beginning of the year was 170%. Accordingly, the average channel capacity has also increased. If in 2019 and 2020 the indicator was stable at about 0.028 BTC, now it has grown to 0.04 BTC. The median channel capacity was 0.01 BTC.

Analysts expect further development of the Lightning Network in the coming months. As a reminder, in mid-June, the Lightning Network’s capacity was only 1,500 BTC.

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