Global Finance: Eurobank ‘best digital consumer bank in Western Europe for 2021’

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Her award “Best Consumer Digital Bank in Western Europe for 2021” (The Best Digital Consumer Bank in Western Europe for 2021) EUROBANK,for the second consecutive year, from the internationally renowned American magazine Global Finance.

EUROBANK also emerged “Best Consumer Online Product Offerings in Western Europe for 2021” (The Bank with the Best Offer Online Consumer Products in Western Europe for 2021),and “Most Innovative Consumer Digital Bank in Western Europe 2021” (The Most Innovative Digital Consumer Bank in Western Europe for 2021) and is the only Greek systemic bank which he won this year triple distinction, at the level of Western Europe, from the internationally renowned magazine.

At this year ‘s award ceremony, which took place online, due to the health conditions, the Bank was represented byMrs. Olga Charalambidi and theK. Spyros Bethanis, head Group Digital Channels and Omni Channel Customer Experience Platforms, respectively.

This recognition, in another difficult year, due to the high demands on the level of service caused by the health crisis, justifies its successful strategy EUROBANK to constantly invest in upgrading its digital presence with a Phygital approach, seeking the utilization of technology in perfect balance with the human factor. Ongoing goal, in the context of the strategic, business planning of the Bank for EUROBANK 2030, is the offer of reliable, innovative, personalized, easy-to-use digital services and products, so that the customer can be served 24/7 from where he wishes, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, modern development methodologies and the highly specialized staff. The majority of customers are served by digital channels, performing 93% of transfers and payments electronically.

Every year Global Finance magazine chooses the best financial institutions in the world and discrimination is a reliable indicator of recognition of industry best practices. The winners were selected from entries evaluated by a world-class jury and the authors of Global Finance. Among the key criteria for selecting the winners and awarding the distinctions are the strong strategy in attracting customers through digital applications and the provision of high quality services, the development of the clientele that makes use of electronic networks (digital clientele), the successful design and the functionality of digital applications, as well as the range of products and services provided.

EUROBANK stood out, among other things, for Omnichannel approach to its design and implementation e-Banking and his Eurobank Mobile App, the modern methodologies and technologies that it follows, as well as the plethora of possibilities available through mobile devices (Single app Strategy). Also featured were:

  • THE online product acquisition, with the most recent acquisition of the consumer loan FastLoan and from the mobile, through the Eurobank Mobile App.

  • The crowd of available transactions which can be made from electronic channels – and which amount to 1.800-, the possibilities of money transfer using only the mobile phone number, and those with immediate execution, as well as the integrated solutions of digital wallets. It should be noted that EUROBANK today provides the possibility of contactless transactions from digital wallets Apple Pay,Google Pay™ and Garmin Pay.

  • EUROBANK card management through the Cards Control service, the mechanisms available to the Bank for secure transactions andthe ability to control products, even from other banks, through the service AccountAggregation. It should be noted that EUROBANK also provides the possibility of using products from other banks through the service Payment Initiation.

The continuous presence of EUROBANK, among the leading banks in the world in terms of creating and providing digital solutions, highlights the priority that the Bank attaches to the provision of innovative products and services through its digital applications, in order to facilitate the daily life of its customers and to improve their overall experience in a completely secure trading environment.


Source From: Capital

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