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Gnusmas appeared in advertising. Samsung deftly beat memes about itself

At the end of July, Samsung applied for the registration of its new trademark, G∙NUSMAS. Now the company has begun to officially use it, a teaser has already appeared and a corresponding blog entry, which reveals the essence of the new mascot.

G∙NUSMAS is the name of Samsung spelled backwards, with the first letter separated. The new virtual avatar is an alien and “a top secret engineer helping the company develop innovative technologies.” Nowus-129, a planet 100 million light-years from Earth, turned out to be his home (this is also a joke, since the name of the planet is the reversed address of the South Korean headquarters of Samsung, which is located at 129 Suwon).

The idea of ​​its creation appeared on the background of the jokes of commentators on the forums:

The idea for G∙NUSMAS came from a joke people make whenever Samsung releases a new, unique product — that Samsung must have hired an alien creature to design and develop its innovative technologies.

Samsung has created a new mascot to appeal to the younger generation, especially Millennials and Generation Z.

Source: Trash Box

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