‘Godfather’ of Chinese nationalism now having second thoughts: ‘I created it – I never told them to be so crazy’

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Name Wang Xiaodong may be indifferent to Westbut in China is an integral part of its modern history, since the 66-year-old man who carries it is considered the “godfather» of Chinese nationalism and he is the man who defined as a point the policy towards the USA.

THE former professor of economics he is considered one of the most well-known names in the country, having written numerous books criticizing the Western way of life and extolling Chinese superiority. In fact, he continues to publish relevant material, while through social media he gives lectures and maintains millions of followers.

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Parade in Beijing, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the birth of the People’s Republic of China

According to him, the problem lies mainly with young people and notes that “there is no reason to say that the nationalism inherited by the new generation is different from that of the 1990s. Let’s put it this way: Right now, my generation is the one in power, not theirs. We’ll see what happens after we die».

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Now, he has started to lose his audience and is sometimes called a traitor by other like-minded people, but he emphasizes that “they have forgotten, in the last decades, that they called me the ‘godfather’ of nationalism.” I created it. But I never told them to be so crazy».

Source: News Beast

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